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Cocci launched in 2021 as a garments show room intended to change the vintage perception across Italy and Europe.

Vintage panorama is so miscredited by the endogenous environment: dark spaces, dusty retail stores and carelessness communication. Cocci aim to be and exhibit not only a Minimalist aesthetic but to combine and complete it, with a focus of the garments themselves and a Luxury approach.


Showcasing the history of clothing is perhaps the center of Cocci's attention, in fact every single garment is one of a kind and has a story to tell, a past that is sometimes visible on the material itself and that tells about its previous uses: the signs of time in this sense enrich the garment, giving it a uniqueness that only vintage pieces can have. The ethics of vintage is to value time, people and quality without embracing the fast-fashion culture.

Located in the nearby of Bologna (ITA), the showroom direction is operated by founder Giulio Marchioni.

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